Kobach to recuse himself from Kansas governor's race recount

Kobach to recuse himself from Kansas governor's race recountKobach told CNN late on Thursday that as Kansas's current secretary of state, he has no role in the counting or recounting of provisional ballots, and that all the work is done at the county level. "I'll be happy to recuse myself." In a letter to Kobach on Thursday, Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer wrote that some clerks were given wrong information about which ballots to count and requested that Kobach recuse himself from "rendering further advice in these matters." "I believe that the designation of the Attorney General as a neutral party to advise county election officials on these matters will help ensure the confidence of the voting public in the outcome of the primary election," Colyer wrote. Thomas County Clerk Shelly Harms confirmed to Reuters on Thursday that Colyer's vote total had been corrected to 522, up 100 votes from the 422 initially reported.

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